Change Course Theme and Menu Colors in Blackboard

You can change your course theme and menu colors to personalize your course site.

Change your course theme

Make sure that the Edit Mode is ON. If it is not on, click the OFF button to turn it on. Then click the color icon as shown below to see a list of themes and pick the one you like.

Click the theme icon to change course theme


Change your course menu colors

  1. Under your course control panel, click Customization, then “Teaching Style”.
  2. On the “Teaching Style” page scroll down to the “Select Menu Style” section, you can choose either text or button as your course menu style. If you choose text, you can select text color and background color.  TIP: choose background colors that form good contrast to the text color so that it is easier to see the menu text.

    Pick menu colors

  3. If you choose button for your course menu style, click the Buttons, then “Button Library”. Browse the various buttons and select one by clicking on it.

    Select menu buttons

  4. Click Submit to save the change.
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