How to Save a Copy of Blackboard Grade Center in the Content Collection

If you use Blackboard to record grades, it is a good idea to save a copy of your Blackboard course Grade Center at the end of the term so that you can access it easily any time in the future. You could download and save the Grade Center to your computer. You can also save it in your Content Collection in Blackboard (What is Content Collection?).  The advantage of saving the Grade Center in your local computer is that you can access it without internet or when Blackboard is down.  The disadvantage is that you cannot access it from home if you save it in your office computer and vise versa. If you save one copy in your home computer and another copy in your office computer, you will need to deal with two copies of the same document.  The advantage of using Content Collection is that you can access it from home, office or anywhere as long as you have internet connection. If whenever you need to update it for whatever the reason, you only need to deal with one file.

Here is how to save your Grade Center in Blackboard Content Collection.

  1. If this is the first time you save the Grade Center to your Content Collection, you should first create some folder(s) in your Content Collection area. Folders can help you better organize your grade files and easier to find them in the future.
  2. If you already have the folders created in your Content Collection, go to step 6. If not, click the “Content Collection” tab on the top banner.                                              Click Content Collection
  3. The “My Content” screen will be displayed.
  4. Click “Create Folder”.                                 Create Folder
  5. Enter a meaningful name for the folder and click “Submit”. You could organize your grade center files by semesters or courses. In this example, a folder is created to store all Fall 2014 course grades.Enter Folder Name and Save it
  6. Navigate to your course Grade Center and then “Full Grade Center”.
  7. Click “Offline” and then Download.          Blackboard Grade Center
  8. On the “Download Grade” screen leave everything under items 1 and 2 as default.
  9. Under item 3 “Save Location” click the radio button for “Content Collection” and then click Browse button.Choose Content Collection
  10. On the “Browse Content Collection” pop-up screen move the cursor to the Browse tab and click “My Content”.  The files saved in this section (your “My Content”) will never be removed by the system.Choose My Content
  11. In “My Content” section choose the appropriate folder. In this example click the radio button next to the “Fall 2014” folder.Choose appropriate folder
  12. Click Submit button at the bottom right.
  13. You are brought back to the “Download Grades” screen. Click Submit to save the grades in your appropriate Content Collection folder.                                                        Save File to Content Collection folder
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